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fail! and, more fail!

I didn’t run on Saturday or Sunday because I was getting sick and ended up spending most of the weekend in bed.  Today, I’m on my second sick day in a row and I won’t be running tonight because my eardrum ruptured last night.  BOO.

Actually, in a fit of insanity today, I asked my doctor if it was okay to put earbuds into my gnarly bloody ear for a run tonight, and he was like, dude.  You are not running.  Go home and go to bed, jackass.

So right off the bat, just when I’d built up some great momentum and got inserts for my shoes and everything, I’m sidelined.  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things for Thursday’s run.  I’ll let you know.

I prefer the term “curvy-pants”

Alright, blog followers, this is the first post that I’ll be making as Sammi. It actually is Sammi, not Lorie posing as me. I asked if I could guest post every now and then to chronicle my journey in this little challenge we’ve taken and let our readers (we have readers, right?) know why I decided to tag along on Lorie’s adventure.

First,  I chose to tag along because I’m up for anything that will make a good story. Except parasailing. I’ve never had the intention of running any race, ever. I used to run track (not by choice,) and I didn’t enjoy it. I’m not a runner by any means and I used to have the philosophy that running was only to be done when someone was chasing you. So I thought that running a 4 mile race would make for a pretty good story, if not series of stories. So that alone made me want to join in.

Second, I am not in love with my body. For the past 5 years or so I’ve treated my body like an amusement park and I have recently started paying for it. Prior to college I was a 4 sport athelete and I was in pretty good shape (although I didn’t know it at the time.) I am not in that same shape now. I also became very ill in November of this past year and that turned the lightbulb on over my head saying “it’s time to be a grown up now and take care of your body.” I don’t hate my body but I’m not in love with it. I just need it to work better for me. I usually hate it when people substitute the word “fat” with the word “curvy,” but I really feel that that is what I am. And the reason for running this race is not to be less “curvy” but to make my body do what I want it to do, when I want it to do it. I think that running this race will help me in achieving that goal and I really hope I don’t lose all of my curve.

Third and finally, nobody thinks I can do this. Anyone that I’ve told (save for Lorie and Jamie,) are like “ohh, alriiight,” and then kind of shake their heads and laugh to themselves. No. Okay? No. I’m gonna do this. For some reason, my biggest motivator to do something is someone thinking that I can’t. And there are many people that think  I can’t do this and they might be right to be skeptical. I used to smoke. I like chips, a lot. And I don’t go to the gym on a regular basis and it’s RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE. But I can do this. We’re on day 2 today and I feel awesome and I’m craving more. The time we have each day doesn’t seem long enough. So I’m going to do this and I really hope more people think that I can’t (not that I don’t like support,) because I’ll be much more likely to follow through.

I think this is a positive challenge that we’re taking on and I really am excited about it. I legit am not doing this to lose weight. I am doing this because 1) It’ll make for a good story 2) I need my body to work better and 3) Nobody thinks I can do it. And I will and so will Lorie and Jamie and anyone else that takes this challenge with us. I’m glad Lorie got so inspiried so I could tag along on her little journey.

day 2

I was sore yesterday, and it got worse over the course of the day, and I’m dealing with a cranky puppy and a lot of transition stress from Seth moving in.  Plus, we decided to run at 6:30 this morning because our schedules did not allow us to run this evening.  And I woke up with the beginnings of a cold.  So I was definitely not looking forward to this one.

Today was another 27/3 day.  Sammi ended up coming on her own because Jamie, the soundest sleeper alive, didn’t wake up despite an alarm and several phone calls and texts.  So we had to leave without her.  We got to the trail and it was still kind of dim and we wondered if it was a bad idea, but we went ahead and got started.

I forgot to use my inhaler again.  Oops.  And ugh, I thought that last minute was going to literally kill me.  I was wheezing like an accordion by the time I was done.  But the trail was quiet and peaceful, and dawn was just breaking, and we saw only a couple of people and one deer who strolled right in front of us as we walked.  It was good for my mental state, I think, being out in the cool quiet as the sun came up.

We did our 9/1 interval three times, then walked the additional distance back again.  Today we went further in less time than on Tuesday’s outing – about 2.25 miles in 41 minutes.  Our next training session is supposed to be Sunday but we had to switch to Saturday this time.  And Seth and I are going to Riverside Runners on Saturday so I can get some Superfeet inserts.  My arches hurt and the outsides of my feet and toes are going numb by the time we finish.

Next time I really need to remember to use the inhaler ahead of time.  But I like to pretend I don’t have asthma.

day 1: tuesday, march 23

Somehow I managed to rope Sammi and Jamie into coming along with me on this wacko journey.  We agreed to meet at my house around 7pm and go to the Blackwater Creek Trail for our first training session.  I spent the whole day, which was kind of lousy, obsessing over whether the training plan I’d chosen was the right one and hoping it would rain so I could call the whole thing off.  But it did not rain, and when the girls showed up at the house, I was ready to go.

We actually skipped the first week of the training plan, because even though we’re all lame and out of shape, we figured we could at least walk 30 minutes already.  So we got right to running.  For Day 1, we were supposed to walk 27 minutes and run 3 minutes, in any combination.  We chose to break it up like this: walk 9, run 1 – repeat twice.  For measuring purposes, we opted to go into the trail for 20 minutes and then turn around and come back, walking the extra distance after 30 minutes to the trail entrance.

So we walked and I worried and then, at 9 minutes, we ran.  Jamie totally left us in the dust, and Sammi was a bit ahead of me, and I wheezed and clomped behind everyone.  But I RAN.  It took me about three minutes to stop wheezing afterward, though.  I’m glad we didn’t run into anyone I know, because I’m really self-conscious about everything right now.  The second interval hurt a little, and I really struggled to breathe through the third one.  Then we walked out the extra distance and stretched.

We ended up traveling 2 miles in 43 minutes, according to my iPod stopwatch function.  I made notes to get proper arch supporting inserts ASAP, and to use my inhaler prior to the next training session.  We were crazy slow, but we did it!

so, why the title?

I wanted something clever and alliterative for the title of this blog, and “Fattypants to Four Miles” just seemed too good to pass up.  I am, in fact, a fattypants right now.  I don’t want to tell you how much I weigh, because my weight is not the focus of this plan or this blog.  But I’m a fattypants, and I’m out of shape, and on September 4th I am going to run a four-mile race.

So, why?  Why did I decide to do this?

The answer is sort of complicated, in that it has many prongs, but simple in a way too.  I recently turned thirty.  I am going through a life phase of major upheaval and change, and though most of the change has been for the best, it’s been tumultuous and difficult even at the best of times.  I rolled into 30 thinking I knew who I was, and it turns out that maybe I don’t know at all.  I got a puppy.  My boyfriend moved in with me.  I’m making new friends and shedding some old ones.  But at the heart of things, I am very unhappy with my body – not just how it looks, but what it can, or more accurately, CANNOT, do for me.  I am very overweight.  I have flat feet.  I have asthma and sleep apnea and a terrible immune system.  And I find myself in a place in my life where I am surrounded by cool, fun people doing lots of active things, and I literally cannot keep up with them.  I’m ashamed and embarrassed to even go for short walks with other people, because I wheeze and I sweat and I’m slow and it’s awful.

So one of my new friends recently ran her first half-marathon, and Seth and I were there to see it happen.  She was awesome!  She and her friend who also ran a half for the first time were completely inspiring, and when I listened to them talk about how they thought they couldn’t do it, I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could achieve a goal like that too.  They suggested a four mile race for women as a good starting goal, and it seemed totally possible.  So I decided to do it, and then some of my other friends found out, and they laughed at me.  So now?  Now, I’m going to run that race or I’ll die trying.

My sisters and I recently embarked on the training plan found here, with a little modification (namely, adding more time to each session).  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some inspiration too.