so, why the title?

I wanted something clever and alliterative for the title of this blog, and “Fattypants to Four Miles” just seemed too good to pass up.  I am, in fact, a fattypants right now.  I don’t want to tell you how much I weigh, because my weight is not the focus of this plan or this blog.  But I’m a fattypants, and I’m out of shape, and on September 4th I am going to run a four-mile race.

So, why?  Why did I decide to do this?

The answer is sort of complicated, in that it has many prongs, but simple in a way too.  I recently turned thirty.  I am going through a life phase of major upheaval and change, and though most of the change has been for the best, it’s been tumultuous and difficult even at the best of times.  I rolled into 30 thinking I knew who I was, and it turns out that maybe I don’t know at all.  I got a puppy.  My boyfriend moved in with me.  I’m making new friends and shedding some old ones.  But at the heart of things, I am very unhappy with my body – not just how it looks, but what it can, or more accurately, CANNOT, do for me.  I am very overweight.  I have flat feet.  I have asthma and sleep apnea and a terrible immune system.  And I find myself in a place in my life where I am surrounded by cool, fun people doing lots of active things, and I literally cannot keep up with them.  I’m ashamed and embarrassed to even go for short walks with other people, because I wheeze and I sweat and I’m slow and it’s awful.

So one of my new friends recently ran her first half-marathon, and Seth and I were there to see it happen.  She was awesome!  She and her friend who also ran a half for the first time were completely inspiring, and when I listened to them talk about how they thought they couldn’t do it, I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could achieve a goal like that too.  They suggested a four mile race for women as a good starting goal, and it seemed totally possible.  So I decided to do it, and then some of my other friends found out, and they laughed at me.  So now?  Now, I’m going to run that race or I’ll die trying.

My sisters and I recently embarked on the training plan found here, with a little modification (namely, adding more time to each session).  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some inspiration too.


#1 Ginny on 03.25.10 at 4:37 pm

Well… not all of your sisters. No one asked me….

#2 lorie on 03.25.10 at 4:46 pm

You are more than welcome to do it too. I thought about asking you and Mom if you’d like to train with us but I figured you guys wouldn’t want to. I didn’t really ask Jamie and Sammi – they sort of offered.

We’ve just gotten started and it’s not too late if you guys want to join us!

#3 Kristen on 03.25.10 at 5:18 pm

Boo to the people who laughed at you! You’ll be running circles around them by the end of summer!!

#4 Nick Sollog on 03.26.10 at 3:30 am

I think this is such an awesome thing you are doing and I can completely relate. You can feel free to send me the names and addresses of those who laughed at you because this fatty pants is not afraid to sit on people…