day 1: tuesday, march 23

Somehow I managed to rope Sammi and Jamie into coming along with me on this wacko journey.  We agreed to meet at my house around 7pm and go to the Blackwater Creek Trail for our first training session.  I spent the whole day, which was kind of lousy, obsessing over whether the training plan I’d chosen was the right one and hoping it would rain so I could call the whole thing off.  But it did not rain, and when the girls showed up at the house, I was ready to go.

We actually skipped the first week of the training plan, because even though we’re all lame and out of shape, we figured we could at least walk 30 minutes already.  So we got right to running.  For Day 1, we were supposed to walk 27 minutes and run 3 minutes, in any combination.  We chose to break it up like this: walk 9, run 1 – repeat twice.  For measuring purposes, we opted to go into the trail for 20 minutes and then turn around and come back, walking the extra distance after 30 minutes to the trail entrance.

So we walked and I worried and then, at 9 minutes, we ran.  Jamie totally left us in the dust, and Sammi was a bit ahead of me, and I wheezed and clomped behind everyone.  But I RAN.  It took me about three minutes to stop wheezing afterward, though.  I’m glad we didn’t run into anyone I know, because I’m really self-conscious about everything right now.  The second interval hurt a little, and I really struggled to breathe through the third one.  Then we walked out the extra distance and stretched.

We ended up traveling 2 miles in 43 minutes, according to my iPod stopwatch function.  I made notes to get proper arch supporting inserts ASAP, and to use my inhaler prior to the next training session.  We were crazy slow, but we did it!