fail! and, more fail!

I didn’t run on Saturday or Sunday because I was getting sick and ended up spending most of the weekend in bed.  Today, I’m on my second sick day in a row and I won’t be running tonight because my eardrum ruptured last night.  BOO.

Actually, in a fit of insanity today, I asked my doctor if it was okay to put earbuds into my gnarly bloody ear for a run tonight, and he was like, dude.  You are not running.  Go home and go to bed, jackass.

So right off the bat, just when I’d built up some great momentum and got inserts for my shoes and everything, I’m sidelined.  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things for Thursday’s run.  I’ll let you know.

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#1 Nick Sollog on 03.31.10 at 4:16 am

Once you get better you will get back into the swing of things and if you don’t I will just pester you until you do because in 2011 I expect to have you run in the Monument Ave 10k with me…